Thursday, 10 August 2017

Emily's Photography Passion Project

Photography Passion Project

My Goal & Purpose:
My goal for Passion Project is to learn how to make a photo frame and to frame some portrait photos that I have taken. I decided to do photography as part of my Passion project because I really enjoy taking photos of my family. Lots of people have done photography as their Passion Project before and I thought it would be cool to learn how to make a Photo frame to frame some of my photos to extend myself.

The Create Process:
I have been going to a weekly photography class taught by Jo Grams, our school photographer. We have recently been set the task of photographing certain attributes displayed at a school house session. I am really excited to be taking photos of my tribe. A few weeks ago I went on a four week Photo Frame Making Course. At the end of the course I had learnt so much and has made over 5 photo frames.

This photo was taken at school using the manual setting on my camera:

What I’ve learnt So Far:
At the photography class I learnt how take a good photo using manual setting on my camera. I learnt heaps about aperture, ISO and shutter speed because at the beginning I had no clue what any of them were. I have learnt a bit about nightlife photography and portrait photography. I really enjoy exploring different photography styles. I also like using a tripod to blur the background in portrait photography.

During my first photo frame making lesson I learnt what mouldings are, how to cut mouldings, how to use a Stanley Saw, how to use a Mitre Box, the cheapest and easiest way to join a frame together, the cheapest and easiest way to clamp a frame together, how long to leave the tape on a frame, how long it takes for the glue to set, what V-nails are, how to use a V-nail press, the best and cheapest way to get a V-nail into you photo frame, how to cut the mat, the best mat cutter, how to cut a backing board, how to use a sander, where the best place is to get all the materials. On my second lesson I learnt what happens if you don’t make it an exact 45 degree cut using the Stanley Saw and how to fix it. I also learnt how to cut the glass, the best way to cut glass, and what to do if you don’t make a straight cut with the glass cutter. I learnt how to make a frame to suit our photos.

Introducing 8CS - Georgia

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Keeping Up With The SHS Goss

Hello, my name is Catherine and for my 2017 Passion Project I am writing a Selwyn House School 2017 Student Newspaper for Years 5 - 8. I got inspired to select the topic of Journalism because on this amazing T.V. Show called Gilmore Girls, Rory (one of the main characters) aspires to be a journalist when she grows up.

My Passion Project Goal is to create and write a 2017 student newspaper and write at least 6 editions. My purpose is to involve students more with what’s happening around the school. When they read the student newspaper they can know what the students have been doing around the school and get to know a teacher that the majority voted for.

To create and write this newspaper I first started off by doing research about how to write an effective newspaper. Afterwards I started the create part of an Passion Project. I sent 2 surveys out to Years 4 - 8 about what they generally would like in a newspaper and what they did want in the 1st edition. Once I had most of the responses I started writing the 1st edition of the What’s Up At Selwyn House School Newspaper (This was the title that won.)

Some things I learnt while doing my Passion Project is that it takes a lot more time than you think to write a newspaper and that you can’t wait for other people to get back to you. This is because when I was writing the Joke/Riddle Column it took me 40 minutes to do it. Some skills I learnt is how to make a newspaper look graphically appealing and how to capture an audience's attention when they read articles or columns.

Thank you for reading my blog post.

Bake It To the Limit!

Bake it to the limit
By Siobhan

For my Passion Project I am baking and selling cakes to raise money for Child Cancer. So far I have raised $80. I would like to raise $150. I also have a Youtube channel called Bake It to the Limit and I have 52 subscribers. My goal is to get 100 subscribers on my channel.

My next steps that I am going to do this term are to upload three youtube videos this term, raise 40 more dollars for child cancer and start to write a cookbook for my cakes. Once I have finished my cookbook I will try to get it published and give one copy to my class and a copy to all the people that helped me. I might also sell my cookbook in a bookstore.

Making a unicorn cake

Georgia's Water sports passion project!

Pass the handle!
What does that mean?
Teaching someone any kind of watersport. This is how it is referred to in America and some other parts of the world. Watersport means sport on water such as swimming, paddle boarding, biscuiting, water skiing, surfing etc.

What am I doing?
For my passion project I’m making tutorials for watersports. I wanted to do it because I've been doing watersports since I was five. I have taught one girl how to do boating water sports, but I think all people should have the privilege of being able to enjoy sport on the water. Since it is too cold to get a group and go to a lake I will be making movies. The movies will teach people how to do ‘behind boat’ water sports. This means sports like biscuiting and water skiing and kneeboarding.

Who is helping me?
My mother was my main helper because she is the expert of the family and taught me and my Dad how to do the skills we need for watersport. Mum is an expert because she is experienced, and a water safety award winner and a swim instructor.

What skills have I developed ?
  • Movie editing skills- making the illusion of time, and changing the brightness also speeding things up and detaching audio.
  • Organisation- Order and planning, making changes in plans!

Monday, 7 August 2017

Lets get Crafting!!!

My name is Polly and for my Passion Project I am doing a DIY/Craft youtube channel for teen children!
I have created a youtube channel that I will post DIY or Craft videos for people to watch. My videos will be affordable and easy to make.
Subscribe to my channel!

I have also created a blog where I can document what I have done and what my next steps are for my Passion Project.
Here is the link to my blog!

I decided to do this topic for my Passion Project because I love doing DIYs or crafts in my spare time and I am always trying to create some sort of DIY at home. I also love to watch people making these DIYs or Crafts on youtube.

My Goals are:

  • To have posted 5-6 videos by the end of this year
  • To have more than 60 subscribers
  • To have more than 50 views on one of my videos that I post

Some new skills I have learnt are:

  • How to edit videos on imovie
  • How to put green screens in imovies
  • How to film videos on a canon camera
  • How to write scripts for my videos
  • How to use a tripod
  • How to research new video ideas
  • How to stay organised with my work

Choosing the Colours-Interior Design with Ellie

Choosing the colours

My goal for Passion Project is to re interior design my sister Gemma’s room a theme of her choice because I have always enjoyed rearranging things and tidying rooms. I asked Gemma what theme she would like and she said she would like to have a Minecraft themed room.

First I looked through a Dulux paint colour book and selected the colours that looked best with the curtain material that I previously chose. We decided on colours called Okains Bay - green - and Island Bay - blue. We bought the paint, got home, and the next day, started painting!