Monday, 4 February 2013

The first day of our last year.......

So today we began what is officially your last year at primary school. It is amazing to think that today you are the "big girls" in the school, the leaders and this time next year you will be new entrants again!

It is amazing how quickly that change happens. I wonder if you are aware of the new "mana" you hold within the school. I watched in assembly today as the younger girls looked up to you with admiration in their eyes and looks of awe on their tiny faces. Just six weeks of holidays and you return to school with newfound power as a Year 8- don't let it go to your heads, girls!

Today was all about getting reacquainted with one another, learning new routines and absorbing the hopes that Ms Pears and I have for 8C this year. We are both excited to be working with you and have put a lot of thought into what this year will look like, starting with the classroom layout which we'd love your feedback on. We know that we want this year to be all about collaboration and creativity so with that in mind we set about creating a floor plan with more open spaces for you to work at. Your suggestions are always appreciated.

One of the big goals for Ms Pears and I in 2013, is that we share our work with real audiences. This has so many benefits and the obvious way to do this is through a class blog. You can post work on here which can be read by people as far away as Mongolia or as close as in 8B. Your Grandma in the North Island will be able to read and comment as will everyone from Mum and Dad at home or work to Great Uncle Bob in Switzerland! For our boarders, Chelsea, Moeka, Abby and Kate, a blog is a great way for Mum and Dad to see what you have been up to. There are many advantages to us having this shared record of our learning this year and we'll all take joint responsibility for updating our blog readers.

I must confess that this is my first ever blog post and in a moment of temporary insanity I have decided to keep two blogs this year! I'll tell you more about that another time!

So here's to a great year together!

My burning question for you all is what should we call it?

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