Monday, 4 March 2013

Creating with similes and metaphors ....

Poetry is one of our favourite ways of encouraging figurative language and a stunning poem for this is Willow and Ginkgo by Eve Merriam. This is a great model to encourage students to create their own poems from.

As always, we are amazed by the imagination of our students ...... lots of combinations of contrasting but similar objects could be thought of for this style of poem but I don't think anyone over the age of 20 would have used similes to compare two type of lollies - the sweet and gentle Fruit Bursts and the explosive sour lollies TNTs! (Take the last stanza to heart - and remember not to be too grown up all the time).

Fruit Bursts and TNTs

Fruit bursts are an orchestra
Playing peacefully
TNTs are heavy metal
Stomping angrily

Fruit bursts are ballerinas
Dancing in your mouth
TNTs are soldiers
Marching north and south

Fruit bursts are like salmon
Swimming through the sea
TNTs are clown fish
They laugh at you and me

Fruit bursts are like monkeys
Swinging through the trees
TNTs are gorillas
Jumping with their knees

Fruit bursts are like children
Laughing is their song
TNTs are grown ups
Business all day long

By Alice

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