Friday, 15 March 2013

Music to "feed your soul"

This morning we had our annual Harvest Festival service. We used to walk to St Mary's, a beautiful stone church but this was destroyed by the quakes so now Reverend John comes to us.
We bring food donations which are given to the Christchurch City Mission to feed those who are suffering in our city. Michael Gorman from the City Mission collects our gifts as we reflect on how lucky we are and pray for people who aren't as lucky as us.
Ella read beautifully and Leilah, Lucinda, Isabella and Connie prayed for people who are struggling.
The Senior Chamber Choir performed for the first time this year and they were stunning. Michael Gorman commented that the music "fed his soul."

Here is the Senior Chamber Choir singing, "All Good Gifts."

IMG 3276 from Bridget Compton-Moen on Vimeo.


  1. It was another beautiful service with great interest from the girls. My mother in law is amazed how beautifully the girls sung. One question I have is how else can we help those in need?

  2. There are many ways you can help. These include going to the city mission to help, to donate money or clothes or food. Sometimes just being nice to people helps as well for people who are feeling sad. One of the nicest things you can do for people is to smile and say hello.

    1. Great idea thank you. You are right just a simple smile or hello can help someone. Will have to clear the cupboards soon will be harder come winter

    2. Lovely sentiments Lil

  3. Kia ora 8C, I love your singing.

    from Lily 4D

  4. Hi
    that sounds great.
    from emily


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