Thursday, 28 March 2013

QR Code Easter Egg Hunt

The Ambassadors organised an Easter Egg Hunt using QR Codes with our Year 1 buddies. There were 8 groups and each group had a different coloured Easter egg so they knew what clue was theirs. The clues were all outside and were in different places. As we started to explain the instructions we found out that with little kids you have to explain the instructions very clearly. The little kids were very enthusiastic, especially when they saw a clue.  After they had finished, one of the little kids told me that "It was really fun and it wasn't really hard. My favourite part was everything!"

Emily and Charlotte, Ambassadors


  1. Wow awesome chalk work. Easter hunt using technology wow that is creative. It is really lovely seeing the learning taking place for the year 1 & 8. Keep up the good work and don't eat too many easter eggs.

    1. Thanks for your comment - QR Codes are great fun. They take the traditional treasure hunt into the 21st Century. Too late about the Easter Eggs - I am already Easter Egg shaped as a result!

  2. This really was a lot of fun. Well done, Ambassadors. I know how hard you worked to make this a fun experience for your buddies. You are doing a great job as School Ambassadors. I am really proud of you.


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