Friday, 22 March 2013

Rock Chicks

At Selwyn House we are very fortunate to have a number of musicians on the staff. As a result, the Year 7 & 8 students have the option of playing in a Rock Band. We are fortunate to have two bands - one is 'competitive' and competes in the BandQuest competition, the other is less competitive and focuses on fun and developing skills. This gives all the students the ability to be involved at a level that works for them. The first round of auditions were held on Thursday and I have to say we were pretty impressed with the level of skills. A couple of 8C girls were found enthusiastically practising in the music rooms early on Thursday morning. Does anyone else have a Rock Band at their school? We would love to hear from you if you do.

Stay posted for the results and videos of our beginning rehearsals. 


  1. Yes we have a Rock Band at our School, our Y7/8 school had two bands last year, the competitive band 'Unknown' won the Waikato Battle of the Bands School competition which was the first time that we've ever done that, we posted footage of our school bands over the past few years online and had some great feedback about it so we'd love to see yours. This is last years band performing the song 'Perfect' which was originally by Fairground Attraction (which is the song they won the Waikato competition with !)
    Mr Webb and Room 5, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.
    the link is here:

  2. Dear Mr Webb and Room 5

    Thank you so much for posting the video, your band is really good! As we have just done the auditions we havent really started on any song yet but I can't wait. Thanks for your support :)

    From Nadia and Chelsea, 8C,
    Selwyn House School


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