Wednesday, 6 March 2013

World Read Aloud Day

Today has been exhilarating!

Today was World Read Aloud Day. WRAD is about how 793 million people can't read or write. Two-thirds of the 793 million are women and girls. Today we had a time where we could read with our buddies at 8:30 and at lunchtime we had a Teddy Bear's Picnic. We also had two competitions- "Match the teacher with their favourite book" and "Design a Book Cover." We wonder if we were the first group to start the World Read Aloud celebrations because we start earlier than other schools in New Zealand and NZ is the first place to experience each new day.

My favourite part was learning that millions of people can't read or write and that's amazing! Very sad. I thought that everyone in the world could read and write. I think everyone has the right to read.

Sarah (Sarita)

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  1. Hello Abby Harris,

    I loved read aloud day. I wonder how many Harry Potter costumes there were because in my class everyone was talking about how many Harry Potter costumes there were.

    Kate in 4D


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