Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Watch our Animoto Book Trailers

As part of our 40 Book Challenge, we have been making book trailers using Animoto to help others in our class find books they might want to read. Animoto is a great tool for this. We hope you enjoy some of our recommendations.
There are more book trailers to come to watch this space!


  1. Oh pickles no animoto showing. Can't wait to see some. Omg if I was to do the 40 book challenge it might take a while. Go girls

  2. Ignore previous comment can get it on laptop not on the phone.

    I wonder if someone has an interest in tigers before reading these books or afterwards.

    The Animoto about The star Girl really encourages me to read the book. The font and speed of pages are great.

    The music on Once is very suitable great beat. The pictures selected are very emotive.

    The last Animoto had fade in and out of pages without being too busy.

    Well done girls you are obviously reading a variety of books. Looking forward to seeing more

  3. Hello 8cshs
    We have just watched your trailers for book.
    I thought the music was really expressive - Mila
    Some of the books I would like to read now - Siena
    It looks like you have done it with professionals because everything just blends in - Maia
    You used really good words, and not too many words to give a message - Kate
    I liked that some pictures were bright and some weren't bright - Callaghan

    From 9plus10
    Halswell School

  4. Animoto is awesome - great job promoting the books you've read girls


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