Monday, 6 May 2013

Tuning In for our "I Love The Knight Life" Unit of Inquiry

Tuning In- I Love the Knight Life on PhotoPeach

Today was Tuning In for our new unit, "I Love the Knight Life." As you can probably guess this is our "Where we are in Place and Time" unit and it is an inquiry into the Middle Ages. Can you guess why we are learning about the Middle Ages? That's right, because this is Year 7/8 production term and our production, "Once Upon a Mattress" is set in Medieval Times.

When we arrived in the Cybrary, medieval music was playing. There was a decree from Miss Glubb and we had to draw a little piece of paper out of a hat. This gave us an occupation from the Middle Ages. We had to find someone else with the same job and then create a slot for a Medieval Talk Show. We spent 20 minutes doing research about the challenges and responsibilities of that job and then we created a short interview which we recorded on photo booth. We were encouraged to create simple props and we had to ensure that our movie was in first person of course!

Watching the movies was funny and informative. We had some good laughs and we also became curious to find out more about the Middle Ages.

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  1. Awesome will there be a medieval banquet? Or maybe a tournament? But maybe not some chivalry! So looking forward seeing their journey


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