Thursday, 13 June 2013

An extract from the diary of a young Medieval peasant girl- by Sarah Be

Winter is coming. The chill is in the air and dark is starting to dominate light.
Our thatched roof is dented inwards from the strength of the wind and leaks are starting to appear.
I helped Mother on the field today, just to get out of the dark house and keep warm.
Dinner was barley porridge as usual but Mother made the effort to make it hot.

- quoted from peasant girl by nobleman Adam Forwin
(since the peasant girl can't read or write)


  1. I love this story it is so so cool

  2. Juliette, 8C Selwyn House
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  3. It gives off a very good aura that usually identifies the start of a good story. I want to read more...

  4. This really shows the hardships of peasants.

    1. Hello Cody,

      Yes, peasants did have it hard in those days.

      Sarah Be

  5. It is a delightful story

  6. Wow, that is a wonderful story well done Sarah.


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