Thursday, 6 June 2013

Diary of a young peasant girl from the year 1328

8th of May, 1328 

After I got up, very early this morning,  I prepared pottage with my mother, Beatrice. After that, I fed the geese and chickens and ate the freshly-made pottage with my family. Mother always eats after us, when everybody else is finished. I helped my mother weaving and mending clothes til mid morning. My sister Mary learnt how to mend clothes for the first time today. 

After that, I had to walk down to collect water from the little river a mile away and walk back. Tis quite disgusting. We throw our bucket full of disgusting waste from the privy in there too. I saw Jeffery’s family having a public bath in the river, having their first bath of this Summer. 

We farmed the land for our meal and for the knights til dusk. I think we are blessed to able to have food and shelter given to us by the knights.
I am very pleased that I am having a session with Lord Luther tomorrow afternoon. A couple of weeks ago, I learnt how to write in both big and small letters into my diary. How lucky I am that this nobleman is teaching me to write. No other peasant girl gets this opportunity. I am quite excited about tomorrow. I’d better off to sleep now in my stuffed straw bed.

by Chelsea

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