Friday, 14 June 2013

Google Drive

In 8C we are users of Google Apps for Education. The school has used Google Apps for Education for about 3 years and it has transformed both the way we teach and the performance of administrative tasks.

Here are some of the reasons why, in 8C we love Google Apps.

I really like Google Drive because you can share it with people all over the world. - Lilli

I really like Google Drive because I am planning my children’s dinner right now while watching you guys do your work!!! ;) Mrs C-M 

Google Drive is very helpful because you can share documents with your friends and you can all edit it at the same time and see what everyone is doing. Also it saves paper.- Juliette

I like Google Drive because of the fact that you can access it from anywhere e.g. my Mum’s laptop when I can’t be bothered turning mine on.
In our household we have to take ‘turns’ using the Internet because we access it through a cable, which is annoying, so it is good that you can copy and paste work that you have done offline onto your Google Drive work and vice versa.
It is also good that you can share with others instead of emailing and work on a document without having to be in the same place, at the same time. - Sarah Be

I really like Google Drive because everything is neatly ordered and you can find the doc again in you need to by typing the files name in the search box. - Sarah Br

I like Google Drive because you can share with everyone. - Moeka K

Google Drive is a great way to collaborate with other people when you are not next to each other. It’s great because you can share the document with your teacher who can add comments on the word or sentence that you need to change. It also saves the environment by using less paper. Also you can get really cool fonts. - Charlotte Smillie :)

I like google Drive because when you do something you can let anyone see it. Kate

I like google drive because it is free and you can share what you have created with people all over the world as long as you know their email address. - Ella Williams xx

I love Google Drive because students can share their work with me and I can put it in folders on my computer and I can see easily when everyone has submitted their work. Ms Pears

I love Google Drive because everyone's work is in the cloud so from home I can just open up Google Drive and do my marking - no carrying home lots of books - and that's a real bonus when you have to bike up a hill to get home!! - Ms Pears

Do you use Google Drive - if so, what are your favourite things about it?

Below is our Google Drive presentation about seed dispersal. Students worked in pairs, at the same time, each pair working on a different slide. 

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  1. Google Drive-apps zijn eigenlijk alleen maar een website die-bestanden laadt in de browser vanaf Google Drive. Ik zat te denken dat, aangezien het belangrijkste project bestand is slechts een XML-document, het zou kunnen worden in een pagina's DOM boom geladen en weergegeven in de pagina in een leesbaar formaat (Het is hoe de belangrijkste GUI begint dingen, niet?).
    Zoals voor het bewerken van de RTF-Files, Google Drive heeft ook de directe mogelijkheid om RTF-bestanden importeren en exporteren rechtstreeks, zonder te hoeven een apart conversie programma.
    Natuurlijk zou de uitvoer functies veel zorg nodig hebben, maar voor eenvoudige maken en bewerken van de basisstructuur moet netjes uitvoeren.


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