Sunday, 9 June 2013

Quadblogging gets underway!

Hi there R13, R15 and R5,

We are really excited about quadblogging. It is going to be great to spend some time getting to know 3 other Y7 and 8 classes.

None of us have ever quadblogged before so this is a fun new experience for us.

Here's a short clip introducing 8C to you.

By the way, have you ever tried to say"quadblogging buddies" fast? Mrs C-M had a few attempts! It is a great tongue twister. We challenge you to say it fast ten times!

8Cquadbloggingintro from Bridget Compton-Moen on Vimeo.


  1. Hello 8c i go to Melville Intermediate and i am in room 5 i enjoyed watching the video that you have put up.
    Reitu,Melville Intermediate,Hamilton,Waikato.

    1. Hi Reitu,

      Thanks! We are glad you enjoyed the video

  2. Hi 8C
    We are from Tawa Intermediate School.
    We are really looking forward to quad blogging with you guys!
    Thanks for introducing us to your class.
    We hope you enjoy quad blogging with us!

    From Helen and Grace at Tawa Intermediate.

    1. Hi Helen and Grace,

      We are too! I am looking forward to it as well, I think it will be really fun!

      From Juliette 8C, Selwyn House

    2. Hello Helen and Grace,

      I love the prospect of quad blogging. It's great to get connected with other schools.

      Thanks for your comment,
      Sarah Be

  3. Hi were Zane and Giorgi from room 15
    Its was really cool seeing your video and watching your class work. We will like to ge to know you all
    What is it like being at all girls school?
    Its is really cool that you have heaps of macs that's something we noticed.
    From Giorgi and Zane

    1. Hi Zane and Giorgi,

      I have never gone to a school that has boys and girls so I don't know what it's like.


    2. Hi Giorgi and Zane,

      I can tell you that teaching at a Girls' School is NOISY! The girls love to chat! ;)

      Just kidding 8C.

      Mrs C-M

  4. Corban and Nate10 June 2013 at 10:53

    Hello 8C
    It is Corban and Nate from Rm 15 at Tawa-Int
    We are really excited about Quadblogging because we
    really enjoyed Quadblogging the last time we did it
    Hear from you soon
    From Corban and Nate Rm 15

    1. Hi Corban and Nate,

      So you have done quadblogging before? Where were the other classes from? What sort of things did you do in your quad?

      Mrs C-M

  5. Amara and Usha10 June 2013 at 10:55

    Hi 8c ,

    We are from tawa intermediate in wellington and we are in room 15. We enjoyed watching your video and we have a question to ask you. Why a macbooks better than other laptops? we like how yous have alot of macs. And thank you for the video we really liked it!

    Amara and Usha.

    1. Hi Amara and Usha,

      We are an apple infrastructure school, we are not sure if macs are better then other laptops but because we have an apple infrastructure it is easier for the school to have macs.

      Can't wait to quadblog with you!!!


    2. Hi Amara and Usha,

      Macbooks may not be better than other laptops but for us to have the best learning experience that we can, Macbooks are better because we are an Apple School.

      Do you use apple devices or another type or a mixture?


  6. Hey 8c

    I am Teah I go to Tawa intermediate Its in wellington I really enjoyed the video I really like all the macs you girls have:)
    And I have one Question How does it feel to have only girls at your school???

    Thanks From Teah

    1. Hi Teah,

      I started off going to a girl and boys' school. At a girls' school us girls are encouraged to reach our full potential and fight for women equality. It's great.

      Thanks for the comment,
      Sarah Be

    2. Hi Teah,

      I have never experienced being in a co-ed school so I know nothing different.


    3. Hi Teah,

      Here at Selwyn house having no boys is normal. I've been to a co-ed school and it's way different from an all girls school. One thing about having no boys is that we don't spend hours with them. Also, we don't experience boys personalities unless we have brothers or guy friends. I hope this shines a bit of light on the question. (if not sorry). Thanks for commenting. We appreciate it alot.


    4. Hey Teah

      The macs are a huge privilege for us as we are mainly an apple school, but I still had to earn mine! We also have to be sensible with them otherwise they either break, or get taken off us.

      Being at a girls only school is certainly different to co-ed. I used to go to a co-ed school and I found that the girls were more girly (just at that particular school, not all schools) and avoided sport etc, rather than here, where everyone gets into everything. My only problem with that is that I cant stand running. I'd rather be at gymnastics than P.E any day!

      Thanks, from Ella

  7. Michelle and Josh10 June 2013 at 10:56

    Hey 8C,

    We are Rm15 from Tawa Intermediate School.

    We are also excited to do quadblogging, it's a great chance to see what other schools are doing.

    We've tried to say "quadblogging buddies" really fast but always failed to say it correctly.

    From Josh and Michelle

    1. Hi Josh and Michelle,

      Great to hear from you. We were very inspired by your blog. You are very creative in your use of technology and document your learning so well.

      We are looking forward to working together.

      Mrs C-M

    2. Hi Michelle and Josh!

      8C is really excited about quadblogging as well!
      It's really hard to say "quadblogging buddies" really fast, isn't it?
      Keep trying!

  8. Hi Mrs C-M
    It's Michael and Tom Here
    It's nice to Have your class for quadblogging buddies.
    We have started quadblogging too and we have a question for you how much macs do you have in your class room.
    Look out for our blog too.

    Seya from Tom And Michael

    1. Hi Tom and Michael,

      I'm Juliette from 8C and we're really glad you're one of the classes. We are a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) class and we all have our own MacBookPro, so that's 16. Our school is an apple school and laptops are really useful. I love your blog, I think it's really cool.

  9. Jullian, Ethan and Ram10 June 2013 at 10:57

    Hey 8C it's us Jullian, Ethan and Ram from Tawa Intermediate.
    We noticed you had q lot of Macs. Did you have to earn the Macs? Does someone in the class have to put them way?

    Ram,Jullian and Ethan

    1. Hi Jullian, Ethan and Ram,
      We are an apple school so we are byod. Some of us in 8C have got their laptops from overseas where the prices aren't as expensive. I got my laptop as a reward of getting into a Canterbury Hockey Team. At break or when we are not on our laptops we have to put our them in the cupboards to keep them safe from earthquakes and to also make us not go on anything inappropriate.

      Do you have byod?

      From Lottie

  10. Hi 8,c

    Nick) I like your video it is very interesting.
    Jono) I saw you had a lot of macs it looked like fun
    Nick) You guys I mean ladies are really lucky to have all those macs
    Jono) What do you like about school if you like it at all.

    1. Hello Nick and Jono,
      I am really looking forward to quad-bloggging with you. We are going to have so much fun.
      In our class room we have 18 laptops altogether. This is counting the teachers' laptops. We are very lucky and we should not be taking our laptops for granted.

      My favourite thing is to see my friends and eat lunch. I am a boarder so I live at the school.

      What do you like to do at school?

      Selwyn House School

  11. Rosalie and Zoe10 June 2013 at 10:59

    Hey 8c were from Tawa Intermediate I'm Zoe and I'm Rosalie we really like your video
    We noticed that you had alot of mac's and it was a girl school.
    Why did you endup buying all of those mas
    From Zoe and Rosalie

    1. Hi Rosalie and Zoe,

      Thanks for your comment. We love your blog.

      Our Y7 and 8 classes are BYOD so the girls own their devices and bring them from home. We are an Apple school so it was recommended that the girls got Apple laptops. They are very lucky and their laptops are their most prized possessions so they really look after them.

      See you soon.

      Mrs C-M

    2. Hi Rosalie and Zoe,
      Thanks for liking the video!
      Since our school is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), we had to buy our own Apple laptops since Year 7, since we are an Apple school. We use our laptops during class for blogging, doing school work, searching on the internet for information, etc.

      We really liked your video about Wellington as well! It was really good idea using the green screen!

  12. Quintin Josh & Charlie10 June 2013 at 10:59

    Quintin Josh & Charlie

    We are from Tawa Intermediate School.
    We are in Rm 15.
    We are Really looking forward to do some quad blogging with you guys.
    Thank you for the video you guys made it really inspired us.
    I hope you have a good time blogging with us.

    From Quintin Charlie & Josh.

    1. Hi Quintin, Josh and Charlie,

      We are excited to be quadblogging with you too. Your blog is wonderful and you have inspired us to make a movie about Christchurch. Do you have a green screen in your classroom or do you go to an IT suite?

      Mrs Compton-Moen

  13. Hi 8c
    That slideshow looks really cool!!! THis quadblogging sounds really fun!! :)

    room 5
    melville intermediate

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      We cant wait to start quadblogging with your class either!!!


  14. Hello

    I am one of the quad-blogging classes with you. I cant wait to get into this. It will be really cool to hear from you I think that this will be a great experience.

    Josh Melville Intermediate Hamilton

    1. Hi Josh,
      I can't wait to get into quad blogging as well. Quad blogging will be a blast. I'd never even heard of quad blogging until now. It's a cool name don't you think. Can't wait to hear from you guys too.

      Sarah 8C Selwyn house school

  15. Mrs C-M
    I would like to thank absolutely everyone from your class who has left us a message in the past two days. Our students always love receiving feedback and we're thrilled with the comments that we've had. Our students will be replying to them over the next few days as well as visiting your site.
    A great connection.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato,

    1. Thank you very much, Mr Webb and Room 5. We're loving building connections with classes from around NZ and seeing what other classes are up to. Your blog is wonderful, R5 and we feel very inspired by the way you have documented your learning.

      You have had so many visitors to your blog! Amazing. We are new to blogging this year but Ms Pears has promised to make us a cake when we have had 20,000 visitors! Just 4,000 to go.......!!!

      Mrs C-M

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  17. Hi Grace and Zoe here!

    Your production video was very unique and you put your own twist on it which is cool!
    May we ask why there was a girl sleeping on that table ( just asking)?
    ok time for the real question what sort of dance moves are you doing for the proformance (sorry we cant come because your in Christchurch and we are in Wellington)

    Before i for get goodluck on getting your 20,000 visitors Bye!

    Thanks from Zoe and Grace!


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