Monday, 17 June 2013

The 5 best things about Quadblogging

Last week, Mrs Compton-Moen signed us up for QuadbloggingAotearoa. This is when we join together with three other classes and connect with them through their blogs.

Last week, we were the hostesses (or lead blog) so we got lots of visitors and comments on our blog which was awesome! Ms Pears has promised to make us a cake when we get 20,000 visitors to our blog. She's a really good baker so we really want to achieve this. Quadblogging is such a good way to get an audience for your blog.

The 5 best things about quadblogging;

1. You get to interact with people all over New Zealand
2. We get to see what other Year 7 and 8 students are doing at school
3. We get comments on our work that really help our learning
4. We might see things from a new perspective
5. We loved doing a google form survey and learning all about our quad buddies

This week, the lead blog is Room 15 at Tawa Intermediate.  Next week, it is Room 13 at Mt Pleasant School here in Christchurch. Finally, we'll be visiting at Room 5 at Melville Intermediate in Hamilton. Drop in and visit them- their blogs are inspiring us!

by Emily, Alice and Lottie


  1. Alway interesting reading other blogs. Thank you for links girls.

  2. I really love Quadblogging too!


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