Saturday, 13 July 2013

An amazing young leader- Aisha O'Malley

This week, Aisha O'Malley was presented with the Sir Peter Blake Young Leader of the Year award by Jacki King of Westpac. We are so proud of you and grateful for all you give back to Selwyn House School. We know St Margaret's will feel the same way next year when she attends on a SMS All Rounder Scholarship.

Here is a very short clip showing a short part of Aisha's presentation.

Aisha from Bridget Compton-Moen on Vimeo.

8C Happenings interviewed Aisha about leadership and here is what she told us.

Tell us a little bit about your leadership role this year.

My role as a leader this year has been being an ICT Leader. This has involved holding a scratch club, helping out around the school and holding Selwyn House's first international event, Scratch Day. As a leader, communication and working with others have always been my strong points. Throughout this year I have learnt many valuable skills that nothing else could have taught me as well as Leadership, like planning. I have always had a tendency to rush into things and do things impromptu on the day. Through Leadership, I have learnt to make a run sheet, and be more prepared at a event.

What are the leadership achievements you are most proud of? What qualities have you needed to do this job well? 

Through my very short time as a Year 8 Leader, many things have happened, and I am very proud of all of them. My proudest moment as a leader was winning the Sir Peter Blake Young Leaders Award. I am also very proud of the planning and running of Selwyn House's first international event, Scratch Day, as I felt it pushed my boundaries by making me plan, and teaching people not really interested in Scratch.

Is there a leader that you admire? What is it about this person that makes him or her a good leader? 

I admire a few leaders. The obvious leaders I admire are prime ministers and presidents such as John Key, Barack Obama and David Cameron. The leaders I admire most though, are females in tough times making a difference. When I was younger, the only leader I knew who had done this was Kate Shepherd, who gave New Zealand females the right to vote, and started a worldwide revolution for women to vote. Last year, while researching for my speech, I discovered an amazing leader that little have ever heard of, more have heard of her son. Her name is Indira Gandhi, a female prime-minister of India. Ever since then, she is my role model as a leader, because even though she was not well-known, she made a giant difference to India. The qualities I respect in her are her determination, her strong mind and her will to succeed.

A huge congratulations to Aisha. 

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