Monday, 19 August 2013

Cantamaths Preparation

Preparation for the 43rd Annual Cantamath Competition

On the Friday before Cantamaths all the Year 7 and 8s gathered in the Technology room for an exciting morning of running, shouting and, most importantly, thinking.
Every year the Canterbury Mathematical Association holds the annual Cantamath Team Competition. Each school taking part sends a team of four to compete in Christchurch’s CBS Arena. The teams are given 30 minutes to complete 20 math related problems, and the winning team is usually the one that completes these the fastest. After solving one problem, one selected team member, labelled the runner, must run up to a judge before receiving the next.
This year, Selwyn House School has entered one Year 7 team and one Year 8 team, and this morning was a practise for these teams, with the rest of the Year 7&8 team to give us a feel of how intense it would be on the night of the competition.

Our Year 8 team this year consists of Sarah Bealing, Chelsea Jung, Abby Croot (8B), Suzanna Davis (8B) and our reserves are Juliette Ward and Aisha O’Malley (8B). We wish the girls the best of luck and are very proud of them.

by Sarah Bealing

PS On the night our teams did really well. The Year 7 & 8 team got 85 points and the Year 7 team got 50 points. 

Does anyone not in Christchurch have a similar Mathematics competition?

  Comic by Ella created in Comic Life

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  1. Hi 8C,

    I really enjoyed that cantamaths session. Cantamaths was challenging but I was really happy that my group persevered.



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