Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Conflict in Literature- mini-inquiry

In Unit of Inquiry, our concept is conflict so today we've been looking at conflict in literature.

Did you know that there are 5 different types of conflicts in literature. We've been categorising conflicts in some of our all-time favourite picture books. We'll be thinking about our 40 book challenge books and adding to what we have learned today.
What are you reading at the moment? What type of conflicts are in the book?
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  2. 8C, I just read a book called, "The ACB with Honora Lee" by Kate de Goldi. It is a totally charming book which reminds us of the special bond that children and the elderly can have. I made a text-to-text connection with a picture book that my children love called, "Wilfred Gordon Macdonald Patridge" by Mem Fox. That is another book which explores a special relationship between a child and someone who is losing their memory.
    In "The ACB" one of the conflicts is a self versus fate conflict with Honora struggling against the unavoidable process of aging. Another would be, Perry's ongoing conflict with her parents who aren't that happy that she is spending so much time with her grandmother. They would prefer that she is at home practicing the piano or doing homework.
    Really cute book, girls. I think you'll enjoy it...especially if you enjoyed "The 10pm Question."

  3. At the moment I am reading wonder. I haven't really gotten far though it but i'm sure it's good.


  4. One of the books I have read this year is called Once By Morris Gleitzmen. The type of conflict is character to society because the book is about the nazis and the war. I found this book really enjoying but sad.


  5. Hi 8C,

    Just recently I read a book called, "The Fire Chronicle" by John Stephens. This book is the second in the series called," The Books of Beginning". I believe that one of the main conflicts in this book is a self versus another character because each of the 3 children in this book are fighting against an arch enemy to get all 3 books of beginning.


  6. I have just read a book to my class called The Day the Crayons Quit, the conflict is Self vs another character(s). It was a really interesting picture book, what are your favourite picture books?

    1. Hi Mr Walker,

      Thanks for your comment. We will have to find a copy. It sounds great. What other books does your class recommend?

      We love lots of picture books. Yesterday we read "Sami in the Time of Troubles" which is a very interesting book about the conflict in the Middle East. We also like "Rose Blanche" and "Thank You, Mr Falker." Thinking about funny books, we love the Jon Sciezka fractured fairytales, like the Stinky Cheese Man.

      Thank you!

  7. I am reading a book called 'The Moon and More' by Sarah Dessen. The main character, Emaline, is facing a self vs. self conflict (she finds herself starting a new relationship the day she breaks up with the boy she's been with for since the beginning of high-school) and a self vs. society conflict (the new boy she's with is an outsider). Another great read from Sarah Dessen.

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