Friday, 23 August 2013

Founders' Day - Selwyn House School

At Selwyn House each year we celebrate Founders’ Day. This is a Selwyn House tradition where we celebrate the founding of the school in 1929.  One girl from each of Year 2, Year 4, Year 6 and Year 8 spoke about their time at Selwyn House. Emily from 8C also did a reading. The Senior Chamber Choir sang “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. The whole sang the school song, some hymns and the Lord’s Prayer.  Our school song is based around our school motto which is “I am, I can, I ought, I will.” Please enjoy the singing of our choir below.


  1. Senior Chamber Choir- you always make me eyes sweaty with your stunning sound. Lovely on the video and even better in real life!

    Emily, you read beautifully. I can't believe you were feeling so unwell.

    To Scarlett, Emma, Ella and Taylor- you all spoke so beautifully. You can feel justifiably proud of yourselves for speaking so well in front of such a crowd. Well done!

  2. It was another moving founders day. It was fantastic to reflect on the years we have been and to watch the girls flourish and develop their strengths. The moto I am I can I ought and I will is very strong in our house but now the saying of stretch the rubber band is being added.

    Beautiful assembly very inspirational.

  3. I really enjoyed listening to you all. Beautiful sound and so good to see you all looking so happy. Thank you. Anne


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