Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Let's get people cycling in Christchurch- our survey results

Our current Unit of Inquiry is called Solve It! For the past two weeks, we have been looking at a conflict which impacts on our environment here in Christchurch; that conflict is that there are too many cars on the roads so we need to get more people cycling. Christchurch is a perfect city for cycling as it is flat and full of parks. At the moment, 7% of all trips taken here are on bikes which doesn't sound like much but it is by far the highest percentage in New Zealand. Yay Christchurch!

But how can we get more people on bikes? We have a real opportunity in Christchurch, after the quakes, to make Christchurch very cycle friendly and get on this list of the world's most bike-friendly cities.

So we needed to conduct some research and find out what stops people from cycling. So we created a googleform which you can find here.

So far, we have had responses from Merivale to Munich and from Maine to Miami. We've discovered that only 13% of the people we surveyed bike most days! Only one person bikes everyday- we think that might be Mrs C-M's husband, Dave!
87% of the people we surveyed never bike or bike every now and then. 

We asked the 87% of people who don't bike much at all, what stopped them from biking and here's what we found out.

The two main reasons why people don't cycle are "I don't feel safe" and "I carry heavy bags."

Our next step is to select one of these challenges and try to solve it! We will brainstorm some solutions to our chosen challenge and the create a rubric which rates each of our solutions on criteria we've established for identifying which solution is the most feasible. Then we will create an action plan to put our chosen solution into place.

Watch this space!

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  1. This is great girls. Really interesting to see why people don't bike and what might be 'inhibitors' to getting people on their bikes. Often it is the little things, details, which can make a huge difference. I am looking forward to seeing what solutions you come up with.Dave


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