Thursday, 22 August 2013

Robocup 2013

On Sunday, 18th August, Selwyn House School hosted the Robocup Jr. Regional event. There were 3 events Theater, Rescue and Soccer. Selwyn House entered a total of 9 teams, 6 entering Theatre, 2 entering Rescue and 1 entering Soccer. The Atrium was a very noisy and tense environment to be in. Each group entering Theater had to do an interview with the judges along with their performances. The first performance of the day started at 11:30 and from then on it was performance after performance. When it was my group's turn I was very nervous because we had a lot of things that could all go wrong. Luckily our program went 90% correct.

Because their was only one soccer team (Selwyn House) they did a demonstration at 1:30 showing the audience how a soccer match would work if they had an opponent. Prize Giving commenced at 2:00 with a lot of people impatiently waiting to hear the results. The results started with the Theatre. There were 2 highly commended awards given to Ashburton and Mount Pleasant. Third place was awarded to Crazy Frogs from Selwyn House, 2nd place was awarded to The Bananananananananananananans from Selwyn House and 1st place was awarded to Big Red Car from Selwyn House. We then got the Junior Rescue results with S and N from Selwyn House School and Hillview coming 2nd. Then because there was only one soccer team our soccer team called the Appleberry Pi Kickers came 1st. Overall it was a very successful day.

Our next challenge is going to the Nationals in Auckland on Saturday, 7 November. Wish us luck!!!!

by Charlotte S.


  1. Congratulations girls. Robotics uses so many skills. It was so great to see you out there and enjoying the day. Develop your work more for nationals and good luck.

  2. 8C this sounds amazing - such a wonderful experience for your students and you did so well. The nationals will be an amazing experience!


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