Monday, 9 September 2013

A Box of Memories- Sarah-Rose's Personal Project

What is a hope chest? A hope chest is a wooden box; a place to store special things. Women use them to put things like baby clothes they want to pass on, wedding dresses, special table cloths and so on, anything special that they want to keep and remember.

For my personal project, I wanted to build a hope chest out of recycled wood from the Christchurch earthquakes. The earthquakes taught us that if we don't look after our special things, we can lose them very easily. I wanted to have a hope chest as a safe place to keep my special things. I wanted it to be made out of wood that would have been thrown out after the quakes so my Grandfather helped me to find an old oak bedside table from a house that was demolished. If I hadn't used the bedside table, it would have ended up at the dump.

ask my Grandad to help me with this project (he is a great carpenter!)
find some nice wood
research the design I wanted
draw the design
learn basic carpentry skills
build the hope chest
design the laser design to go on the top
find someone to do the laser design for me
write up my personal project work

I am proud of what I have achieved. The box looks beautiful and one man at Grandparents Afternoon keep telling me, "You did a very good job on your box. Well done." That made me feel very happy.

Here's a link to my Animoto.


  1. Oh, no! It looks like the video "may have been deleted by its owner!" This has happened to me, too, with Animoto. Please try again...
    In the mean time, I have to say - I LOVE the idea of a hope chest out of recycled wood! Great job using your resources (Grandfather) to help you! I hope you fill it up with many things that are great memories for you. Enjoy the length of time it lasts...

    1. Thanks, Joy. I am not sure why that is happening. Any ideas? We have replaced the embedded video with a link.
      Thanks for letting us know.

  2. Hi Sarah-Rose,

    Well done on your chest. How long did it take to varnish?


  3. Hi Sarah-Rose,

    I love your hope chest. I think the rose on top is an awesome final touch. Did you do the flower yourself?


  4. Sarah-Rose,

    Your hope chest is stunning. I can't believe how professional and beautiful it looks.
    Well done!

    Sarah Be, 8C

  5. Wow Sarah-Rose! Look at you with your awesome power tools! How fantastic and what a neat project to work on with your Grandfather!!

    Well done.

    Mr Pearce

  6. Hi Sarah-Rose,

    Your hope chest is so professional!I like the way it doesn't bang shut when you close it, it gently goes down (or stays). I really love the type of wood you've used and how you varnished it. I'm assuming you're keeping it for yourself?


  7. I love the design on the box Sarah Rose, it looks like you put a lot of time into your design. It is also a great idea to recycle old furniture- it is a very sustainable way of doing things.

  8. Hi Sarah Rose,

    This hope chest is amazing. You have done so well! What was your highlight for the project?


  9. Wow Sarah,

    Such a beautiful chest! How long did it take to make and engrave?


  10. Hi Sarah-Rose,

    That is so cool! Amazing!
    I like your flower on the chest. That is pretty!


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