Wednesday, 18 September 2013

“ANIMATION?” Chelsea's Personal Project

Animation was one of the subjects that I wasn’t learning much in and out of school. This is why I decided to create an informational video, including samples of animations that I made describing different kinds of animation for my Personal Project.
I had a massive amount of research needed to reach my goal;
-I created a survey to listen to other people's ideas about what I needed to put on my informational video.
-I had to meet professionals to learn about what I needed to do to create an animation.
-I searched and followed the YouTube tutorials and websites to create animation examples.

 Learning about animation helped me to explore different varieties of skills such as planning, creating animations and screen recording. I know this would help me in the future by knowing at least a little more about a subject that I wasn’t used to. I also achieved my goal by managing to upload my final product on YouTube.


  1. Brilliant Chelsea - I am going to use this with my class next year! I love that you have thought about a project that can really benefit yourself and others in the future.

    Well done.

    Mr P

  2. Hi Chelsea,

    I really loved your project. Something that has inspired me is how you was very patient when something didn't work and you kept on going.


  3. This video is very helpful in many point of view's. It is cleared my many difficulty's about animation. Thank you so much for the great video.

  4. Nice Chelsea,

    I loved your claymation and hope that you enjoyed your project.

    Sarah Be

  5. Wow!

    You are so talented at this kind of thing Chelsea! I know you have worked really hard on this and are an inspirtion to others. Well done!

    Juliette :)


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