Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Coach Cam- Alice's Personal Project

Coach Cam

Goal and Purpose:
My personal project goal is to create a tool to help sports coaches and players capture, analyse, review and learn from their games a.k.a C.A.R.L Capture, Analysis, Review, Learn. I have chosen this because it has been a project that my dad and I have been working on for a while. We thought that it would be helpful if you could see your sports game from a bird's eye view so that you can see every player and see what the team needs to do to improve. This is relevant to me because I am very passionate about my sport and I wanted to find a way to help my teams and coaches to see what the team needs to work on so we can improve. I am also very passionate about this because I really want to be able to personally see what I need to work on to help my sport so that I can grow as a player.

Create a goal and purpose
Research about my topic
Email my experts about getting the equipment
Collect equipment and test that it all works
Put the Coach Cam together
Record a sports game

Skills I have developed:

The skills I have developed from this are how to manage my time well and work with electronics and how to work in a certain time frame. I think this has helped me with my researching skills and helped me for when I need to research for projects in high school. I have also become more organised because I have had to remember my book and write a diary entry every time I work on my Personal Project.


  1. Hi Alice,

    I saw this amazing coach cam in action. It was amazing. You have done so well because the finished product was outstanding. What was your highlight?


  2. Hi Alice,

    Your coach cam looks amazing. Your finished product is outstanding and I think it will be a hit in sporting games. What was the highlight of your whole project?


  3. Hi Alice

    Great job. I am looking forward to seeing it used for coaching.


  4. Hi Alice,

    I hope that you had fun with your project. Your camera was really popular with the school. How many games has your camera made it to?

    Sarah Be, 8C

  5. Great job! Everyone (including me) loved your personal project.

    Zoe Smith

  6. Brilliant! Can I book in CARL to come and help with my netball team next year!! What an innovative idea - I have sat up high in the stands at so many sports fixtures and thought how much the players could benefit if they could only see themselves from that view! Coaches will love this invention! I am looking forward to your marketing plan and seeing you on TV with this in a couple of years time!!!

    Well done.

    Mr P

  7. Hey Alice,

    I loved your project because we all got to spy on the teachers! :D How much was the camera and where abouts is it from?


  8. Hi Alice,

    I love your project. I would love to see this being used for a sport game because I always want to know how I can improve my skills in Hockey and why the ref would blow the whistle at some point. Are you going to use this for your sport games?


  9. Hi Alice,

    That is amazing and very helpful for sport coaches.
    I like your Personal Project.


  10. Hi Alice,

    Great job on your project! I really enjoyed spying on teachers haha. What made you think of making this Coach Cam?


  11. Hi Alice,

    Great job, it's so professional! I'm not going to ask how much it costs because you wouldn't answer. :)

  12. This is great Alice. I think Charlotte's comment is very valid-the team members are often not aware of why a call was made by a ref. Also knowing how your opposing team plays can help your own team not make the same mistakes or try out some of their successful tactics!


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