Friday, 20 September 2013

Last day on the Otago Rail Trail

Today we had a nice early start by getting woken up at 5:45am. All our suitcases were ready on the bus by 7:00am. We hopped on the bus for an 1 and a half hours to collect our bikes. Luckily none of the bike seats had bird feces on it but they all had drops of rain. We biked approximately 200m and stopped to have a group photo in front of the Weddaburn shed. Then it was mainly downhill till our morning tea stop at Randfurly. The next part of the journey wasn't as fun as we thought because it was flat and had lots of crashes. At the end we were still alive with some girls covered in bruises, cuts and bandages. When we reached Hyde we celebrated our success of biking over 100k. After having lunch at Hyde we hopped on the bus for a long boring bus trip home. As we hopped on the bus Ms. Baran was handing out phones making girls excited. We are still on the bus rode now and have watched Step Up, Step Up 2 and are watching Inkheart. As we head back to school we think about how we've completed the Otago Rail Trail and the holidays coming up.

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  1. Wow I will miss your blogs and tweets. Have a fantastic holiday.


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