Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Walk!

Instead of biking today we did a nice long walk so some of our muscles could have a rest. This morning we were able to have a sleep in and get up at 6:30 instead of 6:00. The bus arrived at 8:00 which took us to Fraser River. We started walking on what was told to be a 10k walk by Ms. Baran but instead it ended up at a total of 11.5k. The walk consisted of various size bridges and heaps of trees. The walk was around a lake meaning that the lake was always in view.
The biggest bridge on our walk

0.5k before the end 

When we had done about 6k Ms. Pears thought that we could stop for Morning Tea because there was a picnic place around the corner. Every time we turned the corner there never was this picnic place that Ms Pears was talking about. Therefore we had to stop at a different place as this picnic place was now thought fictional. Later on when we continued walking there was the picnic place but this was at 9k which meant we would have had to be walking for ages. When we stopped for morning tea one of the parents happened to be carrying a hammock which he happily took out to have a rest.
Resting on the hammock

Our morning tea stop

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  1. How long did the parent get to stay in his hammock before you girls took over?


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