Friday, 20 September 2013

Trail Rail Raps!

Yesterday morning we got told that we would have to create a rap in our biking groups and we would be performing at the night. (This is a Rail Trail tradition for Selwyn House.) A lot of girls then started brainstorming ideas of their rap. As we had a busy day with walking, looking in museums and swimming there was not a lot of time in our groups to brainstorm. Group 3 all came home from swimming and formed our raps. Juliette, Chelsea and I had already formed a sort of chorus along with a tiny bit of a rap meaning that we had more time for practising. When it came to performing Ms Baran gave us 5 minutes which meant we could give a couple of items to enhance our rap. The raps were a laugh, especially the teachers rap.


  1. Girls you have so many talents. them

  2. I think that this rap was defiantly entertaining and one of the best could teach the group one a thing or two about song writing ;)


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