Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Today, after lunch, we were swarmed by a lot of wasps. Nadia was the first one to spot all of the wasps, we all rushed to the windows to shut them then just look at them. Our teacher happened to be very late back to class as she could not get across the courtyard. When our teacher Ms Pears finally got across the court yard she said the Mrs Lapthorn our principal had called the exterminator. We spent most of the time looking out the window, no one was concentrating on the work. Another thing that happened to our day was that we have no school Internet and a lot of our afternoon work is on the Internet so we had to change our plans.


  1. Well done Nadia but am wondering if you all got honey sandwiches for afternoon tea?

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  3. Hello Stefanie,
    No we did not get any honey sandwiches for afternoon tea but the exterminators did come back not that long ago and got the rest of them so hopefully they are all gone now!!!

    Abby 8C Selwyn House School,
    Christchurch, New Zealand


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