Thursday, 19 September 2013

We reached the top ....

On Wednesday, after spending all our money on lollies, chips, and ice creams, we headed off to Wedderburn  for a beautiful lunch. After relaxing there we headed off in a uphill climb to the highest point of our journey - when the biking gets tough the gears get lower. The highest point is 618 metres above sea level. This has been a climb for us of over 300 metres.

We all felt extremely accomplished like we had crossed the Grand Canyon. Once we had reached the top it was all downhill. We sped into Wedderburn. As people sped down the slope there was shingle flying in all directions as cyclists scrambled to keep upright.

Only problem was that on the way down I swallowed a fly - really disgusting and super gross! It was great to be able to sit down and eat our delicious lunches. By Ella.

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  1. What beautiful scenery you girls are experiencing. Ella if hungry maybe ask the teachers or parent helpers rather than eat flies


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