Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Women's Sport in New Zealand- Nadia's Personal Project

Goal and Purpose: My goal for my personal project is to start a small campaign that raises awareness for the small amounts of women’s sport we see in the media. I have chosen this topic because I feel very strongly about women’s sport and I feel like there isn’t a place where you can find information about New Zealand women’s sport as it is not shown enough throughout the media. This is the link to my blog that publishes news articles about women’s sporting successes in New Zealand.

Some of my steps to completing my personal project involved:
Creating a blog
Creating a survey with questions on finding how much the public knows about women’s sporting teams and stars
Write questions and organise a time to meet the person I was interviewing
Research site that provide me with daily new articles on women’s sport
Promoting my blog through the school facebook and ultranet pages as well as the class blog
Organising Mentor meetings

Skills I have gained:
Time Management- getting things done on time and to a high standard
Researching- Finding ways to find out information that is helpful and worthwhile
Communication skills- Talking or emailing people to ask them to help you and gain information
Documenting- remembering to write down in my journal

Watch my PhotoPeach of New Zealand which shows many amazing NZ athletes and documents my process. Also, can you spot Miss Candy? Miss Candy is a White Fern, a member of the NZ Women's Cricket Team and she helps Mrs Taylor teach us PE.


  1. Hi Nadia, good on you for starting a blog on NZ sportswomen. There are so many good stories and acnievements to share from NZ sports women and your blog is an ideal place for this. I hope it goes well and you get lots of support. Neil

  2. Hi Nadia,

    You have done a great job with your campaign. You are driven towards your sport. What was your highlight of the whole highlight?


  3. Hi Nadia,

    You have been really passionate about this project and I hope you feel proud.
    How many page views have you had on your blog?

    Sarah Be, 8C

  4. Nadia - what an important idea, especially given where you go to school! I am always disappointed but the coverage given to women's sport in the media - good on you for doing something to redress the balance!!


    Mr P

  5. Hey Nadia,

    I loved your blog - I had no idea there was so much going on in the world of womens sport!


  6. Hey Nadia,

    I loved your blog - I had no idea there was so much going on in the world of womens sport!


  7. Hi Nadia,

    It's cool to see the amount of success in Women's sport. How hard was it too find Women Sport news?


  8. Hi NadiaI,

    I like your blog.
    I want know more Woman's sport news!


  9. Hi Nadia,

    Your project is so cool and such a great idea! Do you know how many articles of NZ Womens Sport was in the news paper?


  10. Hi Nadia,

    Great job, you put a lot into this project!


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