Friday, 1 November 2013

Donating my Hope Chest

On Thursday I donated my hope chest to the Preschool. I had built my hope chest as part of my Personal Project. My hope chest includes past, present and future. The past is from wood repurposed from furniture damaged in the earthquakes, the present is where I am and who I am now and the future is donating my hope chest for the preschool to use in the future.

The preschool were very happy to receive my hope chest and they were deciding which toys to put inside it after I left. I feel privileged to be able to donate this, as I will not be able to take it to America when I leave at the end of the year so I am glad my hope chest has gone to such a good home.


  1. Hi Sarah-Rose,

    I love the thinking behind how you represent the past, present and future into the chest. I'm sure the Preschool will love having the chest there.


  2. Sarah-Rose, I'm so proud of you. This was a really kind thing to do. I know how much hard work you put into creating your Hope Chest and I also know how much the preschool children will love it.
    I agree with Charlotte- the thought you put in to how to represent the past, present and future was very creative. You did a fantastic job documenting the learning behind your personal project.
    Well done!
    Mrs C-M

  3. Hi Sarah-Rose,
    This is so cool to see that you have donated your Hope chest to the pre-school. You did a great job of the chest.

    Abby, 8C
    Selwyn House School,


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