Thursday, 7 November 2013

Rock on!

Next Wednesday the Selwyn House Rock Band are competing in the Christchurch 'BandQuest'. We rehearse  every Wednesday lunchtime and Thursday Mornings. In our band we have thoroughly enjoyed jamming along to our songs that are ' Decode' by Paramore and ' All the small things' by Blink-182. Our band members are some very experienced musicians and some people have picked it up.

Cleo, Sarah Be and Charlotte S are very talented piano and guitar players. The rest of the band have picked up their instruments. Nadia learnt how to play the bass guitar and Chelsea, now a brilliant drum player, started out this year. Over all we have really enjoyed rock band even though we are quite nervous about next week's performance. 


  1. Hi
    Your rockband looks cool, but I wish I can
    hear u guys perform.

    Wattana room 5
    Melville Intermediate, Hamilton

  2. Hi
    I'm Josh
    Your rockband looks really cool could you put a video of the band playing please so i can hear the wonderful music. Your band looks so experienced and professional.

    Room 5
    Melville Intermediate
    Hamilton New Zealand

  3. Hi 8C,

    I have watched the videos of your Rock Band performing and you sound really good. I really like in Decode by Paramore how the guitarist has a solo as it sounds really cool. You guys are all really talented! It's amazing to think that the Bass player and the Drummer didn't even know how to play it at the start of the year. What was the hardest song to learn?


  4. Nice guys! Good Luck!!!



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