Friday, 1 November 2013

The Christchurch Schools Music Festival- by Ella

Here's me playing the flute. How come Alice turns up in every single photo?

At the moment, many girls at Selwyn House are extremely busy due to the Christchurch School Music Festival. The Festival is a collection of songs sung by special groups and massed choirs and music played and accompanied by the Concert Band and Primary Schools' Symphony Orchestra. The Festival has been running in Christchurch since 1939- that's 74 years! Amazing. Even Mrs C-M was in the special choir many years ago! :)

Here's a photo from the Music Festival Website of when the festival used to be held in the Chch Town Hall.

Selwyn House girls auditioned and a large group are performing in the Special Choirs and Concert Band and orchestra. Also, tonight the Year 5 and 6 choir is performing as part of the massed choirs. There are at least 20 different schools performing over each of the 3 nights as well as all the children in the special groups which perform every night.

I am playing the flute in the Concert Band. We are performing Skyfall, Pixar Movie Themes, (Ratatouille, Up etc) The Blues Brothers Mash-Up and Together Wherever We Go sung by the choirs. I really, really love all of them but Skyfall is particularly cool. The four first flutes have a solo for the Ratatouille theme.

The biggest challenge for me is part of The Blues Brothers which is horribly fast. We practice every Sunday afternoon as well as the holiday program which was four practices at Cashmere High.

I just sat my Grade Five flute exam. I received Merit which I am a little disappointed with as I was only 4 points from Distinction. Mrs C-M thinks I should be thrilled and she's probably right. :)


  1. Selwyn House 8C
    Thank you all so much for your wonderful. wonderful comments. I have been thrilled yet again with the quality of your writing, the quality of your feedback and our students appreciate it very, very much. We will be replying to them shortly and also make sure that we feature your blog again on ours. Thank you so much.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato,

  2. Hi Ella,

    I remember when I was in Year 5 & 6 and was in the massed choirs and singing songs. It is amazing the amount of commitment that goes into the special groups as I know that a lot of my friends it has taken just about all their Saturday for Special Choir. Well done for passing your Grade 5 exam for flute that is a really great achievement.


  3. hi i am drustan from room 5 melville intermedeatie Hamilton. Was the music festival fun? Did you win some prizes?


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