Tuesday, 3 December 2013

8C students become documentary film makers

As you will know, Christchurch has been heavily damaged by over 12,000 earthquakes which started with a 7.1 mag quake in September, 2010.  The most damaging earthquake was in February 2011 and because of that Christchurch will never be the same again. The city is wrecked, leaving very few buildings still standing.
Here's an aerial shot of poor, broken Christchurch. A few of these buildings will be demolished soon. 

We think Christchurch has a bright future. Scientists have been doing lots of research to ensure that the new Christchurch is safe and resilient. Our current inquiry is based on the concepts of progress and innovation. 

We are making short documentaries about some of the innovations that have come about because of research done by scientists. 

We spent lots of time inquiring and interviewing experts like Simon Christie, a structural engineer and Dave Compton-Moen, an urban designer. Then we selected topics we were interested in. These included Smart Buildings and Smart Transport innovations as well as innovations in Urban Design.  

We collaborated on a google doc and made a research plan. 

 We talked about some of the things we needed to shared in our imovie. 

We made a storyboard of what we wanted our imovie to look like. 

Then we filmed. 

This was the fun part! 

Now we're in the process of editing our iMovies. Watch this space as we hope to share with you in the next few days. 

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