Monday, 2 December 2013

Taking the library outside

Today Mackenzie and I, the Cybrary leaders held an outdoor cybrary on the Boarders' Grass. An outdoor cybrary is the same as any other cybrary day, but it is held outside. Mrs C-M and I both brought picnic blankets, and we carted the pillows and bean bags down along with about a hundred books from different categories (i.e. fiction, non-fiction, picture books) in the green trolley and arranged them around the lawn.
It was very successful and we both hope that next years Cybrarians will continue it.


  1. Hi, that looks like a really good idea, reading outside where you can soak up the sun and read in light rather than the dim libraries. Plenty of option to read from, at Melville the trolley croaks so loudly and disturbs everyone when you do the slightest push, it is very annoying!

    Josh Melville Intermediate
    Hamilton New Zealand

  2. This was such a brilliant idea - I hope next year's leaders pick up on it too!! Xanthe had a blast reading under a tree for the whole lunchtime - I think she might even have had a wee snooze!!!

    Mr P

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