Friday, 21 February 2014

7 Things about Sinky


  1. Dayna Rm1 Auroa School Taranaki New Zealand
    Hi my name is Dayna cool I have 2 cats as well!!! I have a few Questions for you What sport do you play? What technology do you have? Do you have a school mascot? What do you do at break? Do you have at student council? Whats it like to be a only girl school? Do have Life ED at school? How many classrooms do you have? Do you have a swimming pool how long is it? When was your school made?

    1. Hi Dayna
      My name is Sinky, I play Soccer, Basketball, Netball, Waterpolo, Touch rugby, Swimming, Cricket, Summer Soccer, Horse riding & Surfing. I really enjoy playing sport. Do you? What sports do you play? At our school everyone in year 7 & 8 has there own laptop so I like to watch movies and play games on my laptop. I also enjoy playing on my phone (I have alot of games). In the break I like to play on the playground with my friends. I usally play with RJ and Maddie P. Yes we do have a mascot, I am in the blue house and it's a blue hippo( It's a stuffed toy). Thank you Dayna for commenting on my blog post!
      From: Sinky xxx
      Selwyn House school, 8C


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