Sunday, 16 February 2014

Melissa bikes from Barcelona to the USA!

 Last week Melissa came to talk to us about her ‘Long Way Home Project’. The ‘Long Way Home Project’ involves biking nearly all the way around the world. This project had been on Melissa’s “to do” list for a long time so she finally gave in and did it.

Originally from Oregan, USA, Melissa has been teaching in Barcelona, Spain and decided to bike from Barcelona to the USA. So far she has biked through 23 Countries in total and will be arriving home in October this year. Since she missed teaching, Melissa decided she would visit schools during this project.

Melissa has currently biked about 15,000 kms and is expecting a total of about 30,000 kms. She shared with us that her attitude towards this project was happy because she is following her dream and she was smiling 99% of the time which made a big difference. Melissa believes a positive attitude goes a long way when biking by yourself all day long.

Melissa bikes 100 kms daily in order to reach her goal and her diet involved fruit, vegetables and a combination of water and a bacterial pill to keep her healthy. We think this is a great achievement and wish Melissa well.

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  1. This is a really big achievement for Melissa I hope she does well and completes her goal Year 8 are cheering you on Melissa. Hope you have a good trip around New Zealand


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