Thursday, 13 February 2014

Up the Wall- Learning to rock climb

Today was fantastic. We've been learning the skills of rock climbing and belaying.

Rock Climbing at the YMCA on PhotoPeach

We had to really dig deep and be risk-takers today because some of us aren't great with heights. Have you ever been rock climbing before? How did you enjoy it?


  1. Wow my brother likes rock climbing great to see your work! Alyssa Room 1

  2. Meg Room 1 Auroa Taranaki
    Wow looks like fun!
    Here are my questions
    1.Do you board or do you travel to school every day?
    2.How many students attend your school?
    3.How many class's do you have?
    4.What sports do you play?
    5.Are all your teachers feamales?
    6.Does your school have a mascot or moto/logo?
    7.Do you have a blog/blogs?
    8.Do you have to wear uniform?
    9.Do you have to wear uniform?

  3. Leila room1 Auroa school

    Hello i really like your blog it so exciting good work keep it up. And i also have 10 questions to ask you.
    1 What type of technology do you have?
    2 What type of sports do you like playing?
    3 Do you have a pool if you do how big is it?
    4 Does your school have life ED?
    5 What do you do at break?
    6 Do you have a student council at your school?
    7 What is it like to be at an all girls school?
    8 Do you have a school mascot?
    9 How many class rooms do you have?
    10 How long is your breaks


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