Wednesday, 12 March 2014

7 ways to create interesting blog posts

8C 2014 is new to blogging although 8C 2013 started this blog for us. We have been inquiring into what it means to document our learning and connect with others through our class blog.

As part of our Unit of Inquiry, "Straight to the Blog," we have been learning about expressing ourselves online. 8C has created a set of criteria for making our blogposts more engaging.

Here's what we came up with-

1. Write about interesting subjects that capture your voice.
2. Have a catchy, bold title.
3. Use an easy to read font and clear layout.
4. Post often (at least three times a week)
5. Use a range of media e.g. Animoto, Photopeach, Photos, Voki, Video

6. Check your post! Does it make sense? Check your spelling and grammar.
7. Write fluid sentences.

Do you agree? Have you got any other ideas for us?

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