Thursday, 13 March 2014

8C's Essential Agreement

Selwyn House is an International Baccalaureate School which means all classes create an Essential Agreement to help us get the most out of our learning. It is not a list of rules about silly things like not talking but it is like a contract of things we create ourselves as a class and agree to do so everyone is happy and can learn. We have taken a while deciding which things matter to us, how we were going to word it and how it was going to look.

First, in small groups we made lists of what helps and hinders our learning. Mrs Compton-Moen told us she got this idea from a favourite blog of her’s called What Ed Said. We got together to talk about these lists and from that we identified the areas we felt strongly would help us make 8C a good environment for learning.

We came up with this list of things we felt strongly about-
 Time management
 Giving stuff a go
 Working in groups
 Learning styles

In small groups, we took one of these areas and wrote a statement about something we were all prepared to do. As a class, we talked about these statements. Mrs Compton-Moen and Miss Fairhall keep telling us how important it was that our Essential Agreement came from us and not our teachers.

Finally, after two weeks of talking about how to make 8C a great place for our learning, we came up with our Essential Agreement.

At the very end, when we were all happy, we discussed how we wanted to present it. We decided on a flower because 8C is like a learning garden. Here’s a photo of our Essential Agreement.


  1. The bees are ssssooo cute and your flower

  2. Thanks Evelyn!


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