Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Pi Day

On the 14 of March (incidentally 3.14 in America) 8C celebrated Pi Day. First, we went outside into the courtyard with chalk, rulers, compasses and calculators. We got into groups of and took it in turns with the compasses to draw two circles per group on the ground in chalk of various sizes.

We figured out the diameter of our circles and the radius. Using this information, we solved the circumference of both of our circles and the area, if we had time. 

The formulas we used are:
Area = 
                     =  Pi x (radius x 2)
                 =         3.14 x (radius x 2)
         =  Answer
Circumference = 
                 = Pi x diameter
                 = 3.14 x diameter
                 = Answer
This was great fun and we can’t wait to see what the people at the fair on the 15th think.
After morning tea 8C had pie. Not just any pie but a Pi pie with the symbol π on the top.  

While we ate we watched some clips about Pi.  One of our favourites was the ‘Can you keep up?” song. Play it here:  
Pi Day was great fun and we hope to celebrate Tau day on the 28th of June (incidentally 6.28 in the US). Tau is double π.  
Here is a challenge for you: commit this to memory


  1. your making me feel hungry Selwyn house. we seen your maths from what we can tell you are really mathmatical from Anthony and Elliott Room 3

  2. Mmmm that Pi Pie looks amazing!
    Cleo SHS

  3. we really like your pi song.
    Jude and Josh from Balmac

  4. That pie looks good. Wish I was there for that :(

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  6. Hi my name is Thomas and I am from Awahono school West Cost NZ (New Zealand) and that pie song is awesome. I like how it gets faster as it goes on. Did you have help making that song? If not your skilled.


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