Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Skyping our Quadblogging Buddies

photo 2.JPG
Chatting with Room 1, Auroa School

On March 4th, 8C skyped Room One at Auroa School, Taranaki. They are one of our Quadblogging Classes.
Everyone got really excited about chatting to them. We had been following each other for about five weeks before we skyped.
Grace was our main spokesperson but everyone put in their thoughts. This was a ‘test run’ for us as we had never skyped as a class before.
When we connected with Room One they had about 5-6 people talking to us.

photo 2.JPG

Also today Anna and Ruby skyped Elyssa from Room One. Anna and Ruby had a great time getting to know a little about Elyssa, although unfortunately Anna and Ruby could not hear her, they had a great time. Thank-you Elyssa!!! =)

photo 1.JPG
Ruby and Anna skype Elyssa

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