Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Fair Reflection

The fair was a wonderful time for everyone, family, friends but for the year 8s it was a time of stress, brainstorming and budgeting. Each leadership group had to come up with an idea for our craft stall. We sold fun dough (play dough), self designed tea towels, candles, thread art, bookmarks and friendship bracelets.

Seems easy to make right?...... Well NO!
Slime - The recipe didn’t quite work so we ditched the lumpy goo to make playdough on the day of the carnival.
Self made tea towels - Cleaning up! It was a horrifying thing to clean but the final product is towel-tacular!
Candles - 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes... waiting for the candles to melt was like waiting for a snail.
Bookmarks - They were fiddly and needed precision, the end result looked amazing.
Friendship bracelets - Style is what the bracelets got! You have to be careful to weave the bands with something as small as a toothpick.
Thread art - You needed hand eye coordination skills to create the thread art design. They took a long time to make but they looked fantastic!

We faced many challenges but by working together in our teams we produced some great products for our art and crafts stall for the fair.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading The Fair Reflection, good to read the girls enjoyed the preparation, as well as the fun.


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