Thursday, 8 May 2014

An awesome thing to do with Google Draw

Today as part of our Tuning In for our next Unit of Inquiry, we experimented with using Google drawings. We will be using it for a task and today we got to create a google drawing about anything we wanted to. Here's mine.

This is a picture of my puppy, Daisy. If you click on the smiley faces, you'll see they are links to information about pug dogs. Awesomely cute!

1. Insert an image into your drawing.

2. Stylise your drawing with lines and headings.

3. Add buttons for your links. I got my smiley faces from Shapes.

4. Click on the smiley face and then Insert. Go down to link and add your link. You can add anything that is on the internet eg youtube clips, wikipedia pages, websites about your subject.

5. Enjoy your amazing new creative way to share information. Your drawing can even be embedded into a blog like this. And it will update on the blog if you add more links.

Do you like to use google drawings? What do you use it for?


  1. Cool Hannah-Rose!! Using google drawings is really fun :)
    Anna 8C

  2. Looks like an interesting project! Would like to have you read and comment on our student blog posts at

  3. I like using google draw for making projects for my best friend and I!
    I like linking my drawings to neat blogs for girls and some other little google docs that I've created!
    -Aria, 7G

  4. That looks like a cool tghin g to draw


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