Friday, 16 May 2014

Zoe's 5 Top Tips for Great Recounts

Writing Recounts

Today in literacy we began learning about recounts. A recount is retelling events that have occurred.

There are 3 types of recounts
1. personal
2. factual
3. imaginative

Here is a recount of what happened in Literacy today.

First, Mrs C-M put a playlist she had made of animations on the Apple TV. We chose one of these short movies to write a detailed story of the events.

I chose “The Windmill Farmer.” Here is the clip:

We watched the clip lots of times to get all the details. Then we wrote an account of what happened.

Here are my five top tips for a good recount:
1. Make sure you have a good title which summarises what the recount is about.
2. Start by setting the scene. This is called the ORIENTATION. Cover these things: What? Who? Where? When? Why? and maybe How?
3. Write the events in the correct order that happen in the clip.
4. Use words like next, firstly, then and after this.
5. Figurative language will make your recount more interesting although you might not use figurative language in a newspaper story.

Have you written a recount before? What did you write about?


  1. Thanks, Zoe!
    This really helped me when I was doing my recount!
    -Aria, 7G

  2. Hi, Zoe!! That video of yours was a really good choice for a recount. It was sad and happy so it was a good mix of emotions. Those tips are great, and I will definitely use them when I am writing a recount. If anyone who was writing a recount and needed help, you are the go-to person!!
    - Kelly

  3. Hi there my name is Katheirne and I go to Awahono School on the West Coast of the South Island, that small film is different, growing a windmill farm from seeds is cool. What if you could grow windmills that would be neat. But I really enjoyed it. I think it was a great choice for a recount. If anyone wanted to make a good recount yours list of steps is a good example.

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