Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Kidsbookchat- this Thursday. Come and chat about Realistic Fiction

Thursday 30 October, 11am
Join us for #kidsbookchat

This Thursday at 11am (NZ) we are going to be on twitter talking about one of our favourite genres, realistic fiction. We'd love it if you joined us so we can share recommendations and thoughts about this genre. Here are the questions-

1.     What are you reading at the moment? Give the title, author and a brief outline (no spoilers!)

2.     Write a definition of realistic fiction using 140 characters or less.
3.     How do you recognise “good” realistic fiction? Features?
4.     If you could invite one character from a realistic fiction novel to your house, who would it be? Why?
5.     Can you think of a realistic fiction text that taught you something or gave you a new perspective? What did you learn?

6.     What are the best realistic fiction books you have read lately?

We hope you can join us!

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