Friday, 27 February 2015

Join us for the first #kidsbookchat of 2015

Hi everyone,

Do you love reading? 8CF does too! Are you looking for some exciting new books to read? We are too! Join us on Twitter for a digital chat about books

When: Thursday 5 March, 11.00- 11.30am
Where: Twitter #kidsbookchat
Why: To get together and talk about books and get some new recommendations


1. What are you reading at the moment? Tell us about it in 140 characters. Would you recommend it?

2. Do you have a favourite author? Who is it and why?

3. What is your favourite genre? Why?

4. What was the best book you read this Summer?

5.  Do you have a reading goal for 2015? What is one thing you'll do to help you achieve this?

Our Challenge for You! 

1. Answer every question with as much detail as you can fit in 140 characters. 
2. Respond to other people's tweets. Ask them a question or comment on their tweet. 
3. Write down three new titles that you like the sound of. 

We are excited to chat books with you! 

From 8CF! 

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