Monday, 23 February 2015

Thoughts on a Growth Mindset......

Watch this video and reflect on your mindset. Are there areas where you know you have a growth mindset? Are there areas in your life where your mindset is fixed? What can you do to change your mindset?

Leave a comment below sharing the thoughts you are comfortable sharing about your mindset.


  1. I think I have a growth mindset about becoming a better teacher. I know this because I spend lots of time reading professional books that will help me be a better teacher and I spend lots of time talking to my friends who are teachers and asking for their thoughts on my ideas. This helps me become a better teacher.
    I might have a fixed mindset about running. I really want to get better at running but I just think I'm no good at it so I don't bother trying. I should really set some goals for myself such as working up to completing a 5km fun run or running each day with my sister.
    Mrs C-M

  2. I feel that I have a fixed mindset on somethings and a growth mindset on other things like IT things. I what to change to a growth mindset this year and it is one of my goals.

    1. Adding on. I have a fixed mindset in sport and running. I don't feel like I can get better but I can. To do so I need to stop compering myself to people like Violette and Eliza and instead learn from them.

  3. That video was really helpful to me because it put it in a really simple way and it made me realize that i have a growth mindset in maths but i can change that!

  4. That was a great video! I am pretty sure that I have a fixed mindset. Whenever I do something (i.e sport) and I don't do well, I feel like I will never succeed at that particular event (I give up very easily!). This year I really want to change to a growth mindset (like Maya) as I think it will really help.

    -Violette :)

  5. That video is a great example for those who don't understand the difference between growth mindset and fixed mindset. Even when you reach a peek in life, carry on trying and you will be more likely to succeed, just like the turtle in the video. He kept working hard.
    By the end of the year I want to have a growth mindset on everything, because nothing is impossible, so keep working for the best!

    - Brigitte 8CF

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  7. This video really shows the difference between fixed mindsets and growth mindsets. If you have a growth mindset, even if you don't have the genetic skills, you believe none of your goals are unachiveable.
    I really think using the classic story of the turtle and the hare was a great example, because the turtle knew he could do it and, even though he may have had doubt in his mind, he put it aside in his mind and only thought I can do this!
    I want to have a growth mindset just like the turtle.

    Caroline 8CF

  8. That video was great!
    I think I have a growth minset about wanting to become a better reader. I think this because I did used have have a fixed minset about reading but then mum told me you will never get better at reading if you don't try, so now I am reading a lot more and I really want to complet the 40 book chellange.
    I also have a growth minset in my dacing. Because I really want to do really well in my exsam this year so to do that then I need to practise and put lots of effort in to it.
    I have a fixed mindset on my spelling. I think this becuase I always use spell check to fix my mistake.
    To fix my fixed mindset I will look up words in the diconary that I do't know how to spell so that eventually I will remember the words.


  9. I really enjoyed the video!
    it reminded me about when i was little and now, I always wanted to be a gymnast, but when i look at them i think to myself, "i can't even do a handstand, you are useless to them" i just have that feeling that tells me that i can't do that and it puts me down. i have a growth mindset when it comes to learning, because i love to learn how to do things a different way to the usual.

    jemma 8cf ;-)

  10. This was a great and helpful video!
    I think I have a growth mindset in dancing because I always try my hardest and sometimes I make mistakes. I always learn faster if I make a mistake because I can get help as my coach knows what I need to work on. I think I have a fixed mindset in guitar because I'm afraid to make mistakes because I know I'll get yelled at. I need to be more like the turtle.

  11. I sometimes have a fixed mindset, which isn't very good, but I usually have a growth mindset because I do mostly try my hardest and give it my all, even if its something that I am very conscious. In dance I have a fixed mindset because I don't want to make a mistake and mess up the step.

    - Ella 8CF :)

  12. I think that i have a fix mind-set when it comes to maths and a growth-mindset when it comes to reading, i think i can change my fixed mindset by practicing math with something i love doing just like Meredith from enlighten said.
    Thank you for showing me the video!

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  15. This video was a great way to explain what a fixed mindset and a growth mindset is. In some areas I have a growth mindset. Sometimes I have a fixed mindset. This year I want to try and get rid of the fixed mindset and try to not take things personally. Also to be more like the turtle and his mindset. To try to fix this I will 1) If I fail at something I will just pick myself up and try again. 2) Give my hardest and try my best because if I don't I will never know what the outcome will be like. 3) To stop worrying about everything and just go with the flow. 4) To be more positive if I don't like something and think happy thoughts. 5) To be organised and practice at things. (If its a sport or an instrument etc..)

    ~Amelia 8CF

  16. I beleive a growth mindset is strongly linked to the learning an individual gets from their early childhood. I had troubles finding the best sleep, and it affected my growth mindset tremendously until I discovered Hypnosis audio for sleep


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