Thursday, 19 March 2015

We're doing the 40 Book Challenge!

For the past three years Selwyn House Year 8 students have participated in the 40 book challenge. This year is the fourth year for this event. 

At the start of each year students make a goal of how many books they wish to read for the whole year. Most students have a very busy timetable with itinerant lessons in school and other activities outside of school so the teachers give us plenty of time to read in class time. Even though this challenge is called the 40 Book Challenge, some students have made their goal to read 50 or 60 books, some girls have even made their goal to read 80 books! 

This is a fun way to help us read more and to find different genres of books we may like. 

We can’t wait for the rest of 2015 .

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  1. Awesome Blogpost girls! What is your goal?
    Mine is 40!


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