Saturday, 7 March 2015

What happened at #kidsbookchat?

If you would like to join us for #kidsbookchat, what would you like to discuss? Here are a few ideas for chat topics. Leave us a comment.

Graphic Novels
Historical Fiction
New Zealand literature
Realistic Fiction
Science Fiction
Picture Books
Books that have been made into movies

What would you like to talk about to do with reading?


  1. Hey
    I'm Raph from Nexus
    I think this book chat thing is really fun!
    What are some books you had?
    Did any of you bring any harry potter books?

    From Raph , Nexus international school Singapore

    1. Hi Raph,

      Great to hear from you! Thanks so much for the nice comment.
      We had a range of books that were recommended to us, including ' I am not Esther' and 'I am Rebecca'
      Our class loves Harry Potter, as its a big classic!

      Whats your favourite book/series?

      Ella, 8CF

  2. Hi 8CF
    I think it is really cool that you had a book chat!I would like to discuss realistic fiction because I think these types of books are really interesting.

  3. Hi
    I think book chat sounds really cool my favourite book series is Diary of a wimpy kid I think this book
    is cool.
    What is your favourite book?

    From Thomas 4g Nexus

  4. Hey 8CF
    I think doing the book chat looks very fun. My favourite books are the series of Diary of wimpy kid.
    Do you have a favourite book.

    By Manav In Nexus International School Singapore

  5. Hello! I'm Christian from Nexus.

    The book chat looks interesting. My favourite series is Harry Potter.
    What is your favourite book?


  6. Hello girls!
    What a fantastic idea! I know my students would love to join in this. We've joined up with Kidsedchatnz too. Great discussions on there.
    I'm looking forward to exploring your blog. Love the idea of the page for Quality Comments too. I think it's really important to know how to comment on blogs etc. My students are just learning about that now. You will be able to give them some advice.
    Justine Hughes - teacher of the fabulous Rm 3 learners at Hunua School in Auckland (but I'm a Cantab at heart as I grew up there).


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