Thursday, 2 April 2015

An Amazing Place- The Margaret Mahy Playground

Two years ago Zelle, Enya and two girls from 8PR, Lucy and Harriet won the Year 6 division for the Amazing Place playground competition to design the most amazing playground you could think of. We came up with the idea of a Margaret Mahy Playground since she was from Christchurch. As we won, CERA has worked with our design to turn it into reality. Finally the design was released. We are so excited for the playground! Since the design was released to the public CTV came and did a interview with us talking about the design and playing on our own school playground.

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  1. Hi 8CF Happening, this is so cool! It would be amazing if your idea was created into reality! I watched the video and it looked amazing. I just have to say congratulations

    Mackenna Room 3 Auroa New Zealand


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